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Cavernous Sinus

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The cavernous sinus is a venous sinus located in the floor of the middle cranial fossa on the side of the body of the sphenoid bone. It extends 2cm long and 1cm wide, from the superior orbital fissure to the apex of the petrous part of the temporal bone.

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Cavernous Sinus PPT Summary

  1. The cavernous sinus is a venous sinus located in the floor of the middle cranial fossa.
  2. It receives blood from the ophthalmic veins and gives origin to the superior and inferior petrosal sinuses.
  3. The sinus is related to structures such as the pituitary gland, the uncus of the temporal lobe, and the trigeminal ganglion.
  4. It contains important structures such as the oculomotor nerve, trochlear nerve, ophthalmic nerve, maxillary nerve, internal carotid artery, and abducent nerve.
  5. The sinus communicates with other sinuses and plexuses, providing venous connections to the face and serving as a pathway for blood flow.


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