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Joints of Thorax

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The Joints of Thorax include intervertebral joints, costovertebral joints, costochondral joints, interchondral joints, sternocostal joints, sternoclavicular joints, manubriosternal joints, and xiphisternal joints. These joints allow for movement and stability of the thoracic wall.

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Joints of Thorax PPT Summary

  1. The thoracic wall consists of various joints, including intervertebral, costovertebral, costochondral, interchondral, sternocostal, sternoclavicular, manubriosternal, and xiphisternal joints.
  2. Interchondral joints between the 7th-9th costal cartilages allow for articulation and can be connected by ligaments.
  3. The manubriosternal joint allows minimal slipping movements of the body of the sternum on the manubrium.
  4. The xiphisternal joint usually ossifies to form a synostosis between the two sternal elements.
  5. The costovertebral joints are formed by the articulation of articular facets on the head of ribs and costal facets on the bodies of thoracic vertebrae.


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