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Lymphatic Drainage of Lower Limb

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Lymphatic drainage of lower limbThe lymphatic system functions to drain tissue fluid, plasma proteins and other cellular debris back into the blood stream, and is also involved in immune defense.

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Lymphatic Drainage of Lower Limb PPT Summary

  1. The lymphatic system drains tissue fluid, plasma proteins, and cellular debris back into the bloodstream and is involved in immune defense.
  2. Most of the lymph from the lower limb is drained into the inguinal lymph nodes, except for the deep part of the gluteal region and back of the thigh.
  3. The lymph nodes involved in the drainage are classified as superficial inguinal lymph nodes, deep inguinal and popliteal lymph nodes, and popliteal lymph nodes.
  4. There are superficial and deep lymphatic vessels in the lower limb.
  5. Lymphadenopathy, characterized by abnormality in size, number, or consistency of lymph nodes, can be caused by infection, malignancy, or autoimmune conditions.


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