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Postnatal Care

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Postnatal Care is the care provided to the mother and newborn after delivery. Its objectives include preventing complications, promoting the mother’s health, ensuring breastfeeding adequacy, offering family planning, and providing health education.

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Postnatal Care PPT Summary

  1. Postnatal care involves providing care to both the mother and newborn after delivery.
  2. The objectives of postpartal care are to prevent complications, restore the mother’s health, ensure breastfeeding, provide family planning services, and offer basic health education.
  3. Complications that can occur during the postpartal period include puerperal sepsis, thrombophlebitis, secondary hemorrhage, urinary infection, and mastitis.
  4. The restoration of the mother’s health involves physical and psychological aspects, such as postnatal examinations, managing anemia, nutrition, and postnatal exercises.
  5. Breastfeeding is highly encouraged in India, and family planning and basic health education are also important components of postnatal care.


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