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Epidemiology of Malaria

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Epidemiology of Malaria is the study of the disease’s distribution, frequency, and determinants in human populations. It involves the analysis of data on its incidence, prevalence, mortality, and morbidity, as well as the identification of risk factors and evaluation of control measures.

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Epidemiology of Malaria PPT Summary

  1. The main factors determining the vectorial importance of mosquitoes in malaria transmission include density, lifespan, choice of host, resting habits, breeding habits, time of biting, vectorial capacity, and resistance to insecticides.
  2. Malaria can be transmitted through vector transmission by female Anopheles mosquitoes, direct transmission through blood transfusion, and congenital transmission from an infected mother.
  3. The incubation period varies for different types of malaria, with falciparum malaria having a period of 12-14 days, vivax malaria 8-17 days, quartan malaria 18-40 days, and ovale malaria 16-18 days.
  4. Clinical features of malaria include cold stage, hot stage, and sweating stage, with periodicity and interval of febrile paroxysms differing for different species of Anopheles mosquitoes.
  5. Various methods can be used to diagnose malaria, including microscopic examination, serological tests, and rapid diagnostic tests.


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