Community Medicine

Protein Energy Malnutrition

Download Protein Energy Malnutrition PPT (free Pediatrics presentation).

AFP Syndrome

Download AFP Syndrome PPT (free Medicine presentation).

Childhood Obesity

Download Childhood Obesity PPT (free Pediatrics presentation).

Antenatal Care

Download Antenatal Care PPT (free Obstetrics presentation).

Different Stages of BCG Vaccine

Download Different Stages of BCG Vaccine PPT (free Community Medicine presentation).


Download Diptheria PPT (free Community Medicine presentation).

Epidemiology of Malaria

Download Epidemiology of Malaria PPT (free Community Medicine presentation).

Indirect Standardization

Download Indirect Standardization PPT (free Community Medicine presentation).

Obstetric Care

Download Obstetric Care PPT (free Obstetrics presentation).

Postnatal Care

Download Postnatal Care PPT (free Obstetrics presentation).

Reproductive and Child Health Programme

Download Reproductive and Child Health Programme PPT (free community medicine presentation).

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